Info Type Link Description
Park Info Park Backpacking Page Lots of general info and links for planning a trip, making reservations, etc.
Park Info Backcountry Planner Page All the information on reservations, rules, etc.
Park Info Walk In Availability What is available for walk-ins the next 6 days
Park Info General Backcountry Info General permit info, rules, etc.
Park Info Advanced Reservation Availability Shows availability for advanced reservations per site.
Link Backcountry Post Unbelievable resource, troves of trip reports and friendly people that will answer questions. Trip reports from all over, mainly focused on the Southwest.
Link Glacier Chat Page Tons of Glacier experts on here. Lots of good backpacking information and friendly folks that are happy to answer questions.
Link Enjoy Your Parks A lot of great, detailed information on almost every trail and backpacking trip you can take in the park.
Link Backpack and Beer This site has awesome photos and a number of trip reports featuring sites in the Smoky Mountains.
Link Hike734 Amazing maps to carry with you on the trail, plus a lot of other good information on this site.
Link Joe's Guide Very thorough descriptions of trails and campsites in Zion.
Video David Gray North Fork Great video with footage of Bowman Lake, Boulder Pass, and Kintla Lake (Head) campgrounds.
Video Tibber Productions - Hole in the Wall Great video of the area in and around the Hole in the Wall campsite.
Social Media Facebook GNP Hiking and Backpacking Facebook group, very active, good backpacking information and great pictures on there.