Some Useful Tips

Step 1: Log in and select a park

Scroll and zoom the map to areas of interest to see campsites

Several background map choices are available, as well as trail, trailhead, and boundary layers.

Or type in a part of the campsite name or code to be taken to the site

Or choose the list view. Sites are ordered by number of stars. Use the search box to type in an area to see the highest rated sites, or don't search and see all the sites in the park! All of the columns are sortable by clicking the column header.

Click on the tent or the site name in the list to be taken to the campsite information. This includes the average rating as well as information on fires, elevation and capacity (for some parks). You can write a review here, or look at the reviews that have been put in. You can also contribute a picture.

You can also click Quick Review to review a site without having to navigate to it. Just start typing in the search box and enter your review. This page is useful if you are submitting more than one review. If you have a lot of reviews to submit, you can contact me about bulk uploading them to the database email me

Trip Planning: The mode icon toggles between View and Trip mode. You can tell what mode you are in by looking at the top right of the map. In view mode, selecting a campsite will take you to the details page for that campsite (reviews, pictures, etc). In trip mode, selecting a campsite will add it to your trip plan.
The plan icon will show you your current trip plan. The elevation button will show you the elevation profile for that leg (or the trip, for the totals section).
There are also buttons to clear your trip plan , download a GPX file of your trip plan , and print your trip plan .

Notes on Trip Planning:

  • If the routing takes you a different way than the one you want, you can click on the trail you would rather take. Click the minus button on the last trip leg, then click on the trail to add points to pass through. This will make the router incorporate those points.
  • Elevation data differs between Google Earth, Caltopo, and GAIA. And all of them differ from data off my phone. This is because of different sampling rates. But the elevation numbers in any of them should give you a good general idea of what a route will be like.
  • The trails don't always match the route exactly. This is because the trail (and trailhead) data comes from the NPS (generally more current) and the route lines come from open street maps. I may change the trails to the open street maps version, but I kind of like having the most current trail data in there.
  • The current trip plan will be lost when you leave the map page. I'm working on saving it, and allowing people to save, reload, and delete their trips.